In the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit


When we got married, it was witnessed by as many of our friends and family that fire regulations would permit. Yet the moment I decided I would make that very public promise passed by very quietly; first through my own heart and then between me and the man I love under a tree in Oxfordshire.

Just as we stood in front of our loved ones and promised to always choose each other, in baptism we publicly choose Jesus. Not just in the stillness of our own hearts, but for all the world to see.


At Manchester Vineyard we have had the the privilege of baptising two wonderful people this year. Here is one of their stories:


I’ve been to churches before but they either didn’t offer baptism for adults or I simply wasn’t there long enough! When Paul talked about baptism at Manchester Vineyard I felt like this was the right season for me.

I was brought up in a Christian family. I’ve been in church all my life. I would have been around 13 when I accepted Jesus into my life, personally, but I fell out of church somewhere between 18 and 24. Although I have always known Him, life got in the way.

My baptism came at a crucial time, it was like God was calling me back and it was a chance to make a declaration of my faith in front of everyone.

When I got up to speak it surprised me how many people’s eyes were on me! I felt comfortable sharing my story although it was a real blur. I’m glad I had it all written down. People said it went well!

Because I’ve stepped out and because I knew I could make that declaration in front of people to say ‘this is what I believe,’ it has inspired me to step out more in other ways. In terms of my relationship with God, it’s not like everything is different now – it’s more like a full stop on what you’ve done before and you’re walking out in a different way.

We’d love you to join us for our baptism service this Sunday at The Dean Trust Ardwick at 10.30am.