The Early Days: Party Time

As in all things, Jesus’ way of forming relationships is without doubt the best way.

Want to meet people? Go find them. Go to events, spend time on the street, chat to the guy making your coffee. If it’s hot, put the BBQ on. Take cake to your colleagues. Invite people for dinner.


Give people one of your most precious gifts – your time.

Historically speaking, maybe Jesus’ social calendar didn’t look exactly like that, but it was pretty close.

On Friday 19th August we had a lovely time in our usual Heaton Moor hang out. Possibly due to it being mid-August, it was quieter than previous meetings. However, this made it much easier to spend more time getting to know a few people better, hearing more of their stories and asking them more questions.

But that’s not all. It’s been so inspiring to see social media feeds filled with pictures of how this group of adventurers are blessing people. We haven’t yet launched small groups and haven’t met on a Sunday, but that’s not going to stop us being the hands and feet of Jesus in the meantime.